The Science

Complex Carbohydrate Chemistry Platform

Carbohydrates have been shown to play a fundamental role in normal cell functions as well as in major disease pathologies including cancer, cardiovascular disease and inflammatory diseases. As a class of molecules, carbohydrates have an enormous range of shape, orientation and composition. Due to this structural diversity, carbohydrate chemistry can be applied to develop a broad range of complex therapeutic molecules and drugs, including pure carbohydrates as well as protein-linked carbohydrates, or glycoproteins. However, as a consequence of their structural complexity, carbohydrates have not received as much scientific attention as nucleic acids and proteins. We view this technology gap as a unique opportunity to apply our expertise in carbohydrate engineering to develop therapeutic molecules for unmet medical needs.

Boston Therapeutics' technology platform in applied carbohydrate chemistry has been pioneered by former founder Dr. David Platt and his scientific collaborators over the last 20 years and is summarized in two books that he co-edited, "Carbohydrate Drug Design (2006)" and "Galectins (2008)". The deep domain experience in engineering complex carbohydrates has enabled us to pursue a unique pipeline of carbohydrate-based therapeutics that addresses unmet medical needs both safely and effectively for both oral and injectable applications.